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November 13, 2022

What is SaaS Elevator?

As described in My Story, I have been on a journey between being a successful SaaS Entrepreneur and choosing to help SaaS Founders take their companies to become a globally dominant business.

We are focussed on Global Dominance for SaaS Founders, because we have learned that this type of focus for a Founder is the fire that forges the steely resolve and focuses the mind on how to execute in a way that no other competitor will be able to catch up (let alone overtake).

We are aiming to create fire in so many dimensions (fire being an analogy for energy and momentum).  If you have a seen a famous SaaS company’s pitch deck when they were raising (eg UBER), this is not something that you can cut and paste your images, words and numbers into.  Their strategy and the sequence of their story isn’t a replacement for yours.  They created fire in their capital raise in a particular way.

Every client of SaaS Elevator is dealing with a massively different set of circumstances.  Our job is all about listening to Founders (perhaps that is our number one strength), but it is listening for the vision that is having the founders, more than the vision that they are having. 

We teach and train Founders in the best distinctions, techniques and mindsets to allow them to go all the way to become the greatest Founders leading the best SaaS Business in the world in their category and reach that elusive $2bn valuation through our short (2 hour) Masterclasses and our indepth (4 day) Masterminds.

The magic of working with Founders takes place once we have; 1) created a foundation of common understanding with our Mastermind training; 2) we can feel your vision and it starts to appear in our dreams; and 3) we have absorbed the depth of your circumstances in our Clinics to help you navigate the path ahead.

We have discovered that our methodology creates lifts in Founder wellbeing, confidence, contentment, ambition, responsiveness, resolve, leadership, communication, clarity and ability.

We are also major contributors to increases in valuations as some Founders found they have doubled their SaaS Business over a 6 month period of working with us; while we never promised or predicted that lift, there is significant power in getting the Founder’s vision onto the page.  The higher valuations have meant the SaaS Founder is willing to take on more capital; in one case while all VCs declined to invest, a large, offshore customer using their SaaS saw the Global Vision, came forward to invest and take out the round (in part because the vision is so clear and so powerful).  All of the above creates a fire within which to close a round with momentum and ease.

So think of SaaS Elevator as your Partner, your Trainer and your Confidante.  After a couple of our Masterminds, Founders often say these words: “outside of me, you know our SaaS Business better than anyone else in the world right now.”  We call this “crossing over” into the vision that the founder is having (although we believe the vision is having the founder).  It is possible and it is magical. 

Our articulation of the fulfilment of a SaaS Founder’s vision is the accomplishment of $200m ARR.  We want to help you get there and keep your hands on the steering wheel all the way.

About SaaS Elevator:

SaaS Elevator helps SaaS Founders reach $200m ARR through specialist training & events.  Our training is focussed on Strategy, Capital & Revenue.  Selected graduates have access to our network of venture builders (Moonshot Studio Ventures) and capital partners to help them on their journey.

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