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November 13, 2022

Tell Your Story with Power

Telling Your Story Powerfully with a Global Vision

Telling your story powerfully is fundamental to raising capital for your SaaS Business.  This is true from your first raise through to an IPO prospectus.  It even allows you to skip over a down round (which occurs when the future vision is missing).

If you hear the A to Z about what Venture Capitalist and Angel Investors tell you about how to present your business in a slide deck; it’s partly designed to help you “get it right”.  But it is a bit like someone explaining how to write an award-winning screenplay vs someone writing one.

You hear how many pages the slide deck must be and what should be on each page.  In screenwriting terms it sounds like this: It must be 110 pages long; page 1 is the most critical; by page 10 we must know what the movie is about; the central character must have these opposing character traits that make them seem intriguing, dynamic and interesting…

Ever tried to write a screenplay?  Ever tried to blow the mind of an investor with a SaaS Business?

When I create a Global Vision document for a SaaS Business (which is more akin to an IPO Prospectus than anything else); each page has to be a masterpiece that builds on the previous page.  We keep going until it pops.  Which is an intense process for getting the story powerfully on the page.  Yet it is the only way I know to blow the mind of the person you are presenting to for investment.

We have two mastermind training programmes that teach the fundamentals of this process.  These days it is very rare that we take on the preparation of capital materials for our graduates, largely due to the artisan methods and the focussed effort it takes to fully complete a Global Blueprint.

This methodology was used at Diligent ($4bn value approx today) and Arria NLG (raised $200m outside mainstream investment circles over the last 10 years).  When I launched our mastermind training programmes in 2021, I went on to work with SaaS Elevator graduates from Optimal Workshop, Hectre and Scannable to co-create their Global Vision documents that helped them raise over $40m for their SaaS Businesses at the valuations they were seeking.

My goal, by decoding the methods that have worked, is to give you everything you need to be able to raise the capital on your terms.  You can create a $200m ARR business (and still have your hands on the steering wheel) by bringing capital in in this way.

About SaaS Elevator:

SaaS Elevator helps SaaS Founders reach $200m ARR through specialist training & events.  Our training is focussed on Strategy, Capital & Revenue.  Selected graduates have access to our network of venture builders (Moonshot Studio Ventures) and capital partners to help them on their journey.

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