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Saas Global Domination

The Journey to $200m ARR starts here. Online Mastermind providing a proven approach to globalise your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business in a travel-restricted world.

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The iGlobalise SaaS Domination Mastermind is for SaaS professionals who want to

1) completely re-think their SaaS business in a fast-changing disruptive world

2) seize the moment of globalising their business in a new way and lay a solid foundation for how they will dominate their category globally.

3) apply the best practises of SaaS companies that have won globally.

iGlobalise is NOT for people who are completely satisfied with their global SaaS plans and growth.

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We take an unconventional approach to transforming your Sales Function.  We share what we know works and together we build a broad solid Sales Foundation.  We build culture and embed a method for ensuring talent emerges over time.  By following what works you could have hires (like people we have put into SaaS companies) who are still there 10 years later (still outperforming their peers).  

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    Hands on Success

    This approach comes from Simon’s own experience of starting his SaaS Sales Career on the bottom rung of a 20 person Global SaaS Sales Team.  He methodically rose to the top of that Team, outperforming everyone consistently on every metric (time to close, average deal size, maximum deal size, and length of term).

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      Crafting a Juggernaut Team

      We believe a team can become a Sales Juggernaut (outselling its own expectations) but it takes guard-rails and practises that both leave sales people to their own devices and bring them back into the fold for consolidation, learning and renewing.  The sales culture Simon experienced and helped shape in his first SaaS Sales role in turn gave birth to a $400m annual recurring revenue (ARR) Sales Juggernaut.

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        Shifting Up To The Highest Level

        Simon went from SaaS Sales to be the co-founder of one of the world’s most incredible Artifical Intelligence companies (now worth $1.2bn). Simon’s herculean task there was to take an embryonic and fledgling commercial relationship with a Global Corporation and re-engineer that into a Multi-Million Dollar ARR deal.

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          The SaaS Elevator Sales Clinic Process:

          Stage One: The Kick-Off Call

          This is essentially a planning call.  The initial online kick-off meeting ensures everyone is aligned on the goal and the 2 day Immersion is planned with the appropriate people available.

          Stage Two: The Immersion

          The Two Day Immersion (typically starting with a 7am breakfast and finishing around 7pm) is a chance to hear from a variety of voices in the business about the Sales function and the interconnections with other parts of the business.  This formulates the foundation for the SaaS Elevator Sales Clinic.

          Stage Three: The Clinic

          At the end of the Immersion there will be a proposal for how to best spend the remaining time on the clinic to get the desired results.  This could be group training, individual training, or working on complementary parts of the Client’s SaaS business to get the best results.  There is no set formula for how the remaining Clinic time is spent.  It will be clear at the time.

          The SaaS Elevator Sales Clinic Application:

          Book in:

           Email: simon.small@saaselevator.com with the best days and times for the above sessions. 


           Principal (Simon Small) rate: $640 + GST (for work sessions). 

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