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Saas Elevator Masterclasses

Simon delivers Masterclasses around the world on topics he is passionate about: SaaS Strategy, Capital & Revenue.

These Masterclasses strive to get to the heart of what holds SaaS businesses back from greatness and from becoming the juggernauts they could be.

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Breaking it down

Why do a Masterclass?

Participants attending a SaaS Elevator Masterclass get to experience the clarity and power of how Simon transfers his expertise to SaaS Founders.  It is also a taste of his multi-day Masterminds program which starts with iGlobalise.

All of Simon's sessions are a very interactive style and he presents examples of best-in-class practises from his 15 years building SaaS category leaders.

A small proportion of SaaS businesses make the cut to become unstoppable category leaders. The well known big SaaS brand names are "in your face" and it is easy to put them on a pedestal and think this is the industry.  But delve into any of the big SaaS Facebook groups and you see the vast majority of SaaS Founders are not on the trajectory to accomplish global domination.

Simon's ethos is "go big or go home". It's about dominating a category globally to the point that you have shifted the market in how it solves a problem; the market buys from you.

The corollary of this is that the market only wants one winner. Simon's mission is simple: he will help you get there.

Certain things need to be in place and that's what Simon is uniquely placed to help you with: seeing those missing vital ingredients.


Schedules will be posted here

We will post the Masterclass schedule here when we have an upcoming date.

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