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Raising capital for your SaaS company?

We helped SaaS businesses raise over $40m in 2021.

We can architect the raise, create a compelling Global Vision (a capital raise presentation deck) and introduce you to our close & trusted capital partners.

We specialise in the unconventional: better valuations and capital on better terms than you find in the mainstream.

We've helped companies list on stock exchanges in London (LSE), Australia (ASX), and New Zealand (NZX).

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How we create capital expansion

A Clean Sheet of Paper

We ensure communications around your SaaS capital raise are powerful and you are fully articulate (even if you choose someone else to do the raise).

We always start with a fresh clean sheet of paper when it comes to a capital raise. We get to grips with your business in a way that results in a Global Vision document that attracts investment from a wide range of sources.

So many preconceptions and notions about expectations or beliefs about what's gone before need to be flushed out before the real job of capital raising can be done.

Starting with your category, we craft the story and tell it in a unique artisan way, plate-by-plate, pixel-by-pixel. We have decoded the process that investors go through to evaluate a SaaS investment.

We help you expand the potential range of people who will invest in your SaaS business because we make it so easy to understand. This gives you more control because the more people who will invest, the more choices you have.

The artificial intelligence business that Simon was a founder of, has raised since inception in 2012 $260m from 900 investors, using these same strategies.

Simon shows you how capital markets play out; from those doing their first raise through to an exit or list. Having him on your side increases the chances of you maintaining momentum, increasing velocity and having sufficient capital to expand and seize the opportunity you have in the market.


A Global Vision

A capital raise presentation deck is what we refer to as a Global Vision; named after the very first Global Vision we saw that was created by Diligent founders prior to its initial public listing (IPO) in 2007.   Diligent had $1m in annual recurring revenue (ARR) and raised $24m at its IPO on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX), valuing the company at $115m ($91m pre-money). Diligent raised capital at 91 x revenue ($1m ARR). Diligent with $450m ARR today is worth approx $4bn (we estimate, its private).

For every SaaS business, creating a Global Vision is key. Because Simon was involved in the Dilligent IPO and has been working on Global Visions for over a decade, we're possibly the only the only ones offering this as a service.

And no, we don't do "pitch decks". We recently heard a renowned VC confess that they have been known to flick through SaaS pitch decks on their phones in 30 seconds. They didn't say which room they read these pitch decks, but we can imagine it was possibly the little one.

The "pitch-deck" shop is down the road. They will tell you all the rules for your pitch deck (and wheel out the UBER one if you're lucky).

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Capital is Capital

A lot of importance is placed on "smart capital" and we understand why investors really want to distinguish themselves when it comes to how their capital comes with extra smarts attached.

You have a few choices when it comes to raising capital beyond friends and family.  These are angel investment groups, venture capital funds, private equity funds, crowd-funding and other institutions (like banks).

At a high level, lets call that the mainstream.

You probably know (or can find) all of the mainstream players on LinkedIN, through your central or local government connectors, or through your own networks.

Most people will go around the mainstream investment sources and believe what they are told.

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Capital as Oxygen

How to Shift the Room

We know how to raise $260m from 900 global investors, without the mainstream participating.

It's not easy. It's an alternative pathway. It means that you potentially control your own destiny a whole lot more.

The key to a successful capital raise is having a Plan B.

One of our clients recently struck out with all of the mainstream investors and then out-of-the-blue a customer took the majority of the round.

The Global Vision was so compelling. It was a no-brainer for the customer to invest. The Global Vision helps you find a Plan B, because the investment landscape is massively expanded.

So you can still include the Mainstream Investors when you have a Global Vision to hand them. You are just not beholden to them. Any of them. That is why you are better off.

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The premium theory

People Buy Confidence

Those who want in on a deal are a bit like those who want to buy technology.

There are value shoppers who buy knock-offs on Alibaba and there are people like me who bought the all new AirPodsMax for $999 because we believed Tim Cook was spending all his time on Zoom calls and ordered the best headset possible.

I bought that AirPodsMax headset based on my Airpods success (and how at a hardware level Apple and Zoom had integrated to make switching in and out of Zoom calls on Apple devices was a breeze). I never got a chance to listen to them. I just spashed and bought with the confidence I had.

Now your SaaS business needs to elicit that same level of confidence, clarity and a wow factor in order to open and close a capital round.

When it is sitting on the page and you are talking to it and its like nothing anyone has ever seen, then you're having to do less of the work.  The Global Vision literally injects confidence to every meeting (and more importantly after every meeting because the materials are circulated)...

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