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November 13, 2022

A BluePrint for your SaaS Global Domination

Forget pitch decks, tell your story powerfully using a Global Vision.

A Global Vision is akin to an IPO Prospectus and some people will refer it an Investment Memorandum (IM), however, its primary purpose is to illustrate how your vision for your SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Business, when fulfilled will create a new reality for the world. Raising capital is a by-product.

Capital Raising

Plenty of pitch decks are focussed on raising capital but do not do a good job of communicating the Global Vision for the end-state of the business.  Whereas when you prepare a true Global Vision, the capital raise almost falls out the back of the vision that’s been articulated clearly.

Where it Began

The first Global Vision I laid eyes on was the precursor to the final IPO prospectus issued by Diligent when it listed on the NZX for 115x ARR, in December 2007.

I didn’t know what I was looking at back then.  All I saw with my limited perspective was a  promotional advertising brochure.  Or what investors these days call “pretty pictures”.  When in fact, it was laying down the Vision for what is today the world’s number one Compliance, Risk and Governance SaaS offering. 


Pretty Picture Critics

Many people when raising capital write out the narrative and get a design firm to pretty it up.  Some will download a template these days and “fill in the gaps”.  It’s easy because a Venture Capital (VC) firm supplies the SaaS Founders with the optimal, efficient way for a pitch deck to be prepared by the Founders and then received, processed and evaluated by the financier: the VC or perhaps an Angel group.

The Power of a Global Vision document

What makes a Global Vision document so special is that it is an outlier that presents well outside the well-trodden VC-Angel circuit of funding.   Fortunately I’ve learned to build Global Vision documents through the years working on listings and capital raises for many technology businesses (not just SaaS).

For a SaaS Elevator client, I’ve completed one Global Vision document that has served as an IM.  That client doubled its valuation over a 6 month period while we built the Global Vision and was turned down by every VC firm in Aotearoa New Zealand and raised capital through their customer in the US.  


Founder’s Vision Transplanted on the Page

Obviously, you cannot separate the Global Vision document from the actual performance of a SaaS Business.  However, it is the fundamental building block that we use to communicate the vision that the Founder is having (or as we prefer to put it; the vision that is having the Founder).  Once that vision has been born onto the page, it is irreversible.  Without it, it is all to easy for the signal of the vision getting lost in the noise of the investor’s mind.

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About SaaS Elevator:

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